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Post Media Network
Never sent unlocking code

Based on recommendation, I ordered Registry Patrol as a Windows diagnostic and repair kit. have not heard from Post Media. Nor do they provide phone numbers to their Edmonton or Nassau offices, which go under various names at the same addresses: Post Media Network Inc; Patrol Software ...

Post Media Network
I ordered XP Medic. I was unable to obtain a unlock key to obtain the software. Two more attempts to get the unlock key failed, now the company won't respond. Also, I was forced to pay by paypal. I did not select the option. Alberta

Purchased XP Medic from Post Media Network. I was unable to download the software due to receiving message that I did not have an unlock key and that I had an improper serial number. I e-mailed xp medic two times, both times they gave me the same instruction and both times received the same ...

Post Media Network
Registry Patrol

I purchased this product last year with no problems whatsoever and I had no complaints. I assume it was doing the job for which it was made. Recently I purchased a new laptop and re-installed the product with no problem. However, a week later, it no longer worked and the error message was "runtime ...