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McDonalds Restaurant
Food Quality

My husband and I went to McDonalds for lunch today and to our surprise was very unhappy with the food we received. My husband ordered a s double quarter Pounder with cheese, the burger patties must have been left over from last night as they were hard and dry, and the burger was cold. My big mac ...

McDonalds Restaurant
Poor Service

We visited this restaurant, yesterday May 29&and, were&-very upset with the service!! To start with&we stood in &line&for 30 min. &before our order was taken!! There was&one cashier on duty!! The line-up was back to the entry door&probably at least 20 people!! A lot of people turned around and ...

McDonalds Restaurant
Poor service

I went to Mcdonalds Restaurant 1 morning to get a quick beakfast befor work, there was a short line up at the drive through, so i went inside, only 1 person in line, i put in my order & as i was waiting for about 15 min. as i watched numerous cars go through the drive thru, i noticed the young ...