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Unauthorized charges

My credit card bill recently showed an unauthorized charge for Magicjack. I haven´t used it in more than a year. I checked the website for an address or email to contact them to no avail. They say they have online help 24/7 so I logged into that and gave up after an hour. Then I googled ...

Company respect for customers

I have been using the product Magic Jack for two years now, and it is wonderful. It works very well, and I have saved a lot of money up to now. I wouldn't give it up for the world. The problem is the company itself. I tried to contact them for a question, and was still in front of the screen ...


Hello, a few days ago I sent a complaint about the MagicJack company and how they are forcing their older clients to buy the new MagicJackPlus. I then received an e-mail from the CEO Dan Borislow's offering the MagicJack for $34.95. It stated that I could receive this reduced price by clicking on ...