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Gordon Financial Services!
! It's A Scam This check for 3, 950 was sent to me saying i won a lump sum of money and that this is the tax part yet when i asked questions she kept hanging up on me and wouldnt give me any sort of info!

This check that i have recieved and many others is a scam. i recieved it on friday july, 18, 2008 and i called the number on the letter and asked for karen gibson so that she can explain to me how i won this. i wasent sure how i won it becuase ive never one ne thing and i thought maybe this could ...

Gordon Financial Services
I also got a lette

I also recieved a letter saying i won so i tried to call the number and the messages were full. I looked on the internet and could not find any information on the company. then i took it to my bank and told them i recieved this in the mail is it real 2 people looked at it and told me they didnt ...