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Gerry Diaz - Teresa Nobel - Lisa Epainto - Johnson Financials
Gerry Diaz - Teresa Nobel - Johnson Financials - Lisa Epainto, Johnson Financials Consumer's Reward Program Lottery: You have been approved for the lump sum payment of $38, 000

I received this letter along with a check for $3820.00 about the second week of April. I was elated cause the check looked real. So I called the number but it stated that the message line was full to call back later. So I called Saturday morning and my stomach dropped when I heard the man's voice, ...

Ripped Off

[email protected] Gerry's wife, girlfriend whatever she is, put an ad on selling a used VCR. I arrange to pick it up after she dropped it off at her friend's house nearby & within a week or so of using it, the tape got stuck in the VCR. No matter what I did, it wouldn't come out. ...