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Esso Gas Station
Refuse to pay my wages

Hi, My name is Amandeep kaur, currently I'm working on a gas station now. I used to work on Esso gas station BEACON HILL ON THE RUN 2075 MONTREAL RD, OTTAWA K1J 6M6 ONTARIO, Canada and the operator name is Shabnam Yousafzai. I quit my job there, by 31 August due to my college because this place was ...

Esso Gas Station

I always frequent this gas station and this fellow ( i don't know his name) he's a middle aged fijian I think. He is always incredibly rude to people and miserable all the time. I went in today to get a car wash and he was reading a brochure behind the counter. I didn't say anything because he knew ...

Esso Gas Station
Pumps uncloaborated

Today on June the 19th, I filled up my car tank to full, my tank max copacity is 54L, I have had a quarter tank of fuel left, when I was finished pumping my tank I relized that some how I had put in 53.86L of fuel into a tank that only holds 54L total and I had approx. 10L of fuel remaining. That ...