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EasyHome/Dell Inspron10

I got a Dell Inspiron 10 but had a little bit of trouble with it a bit of a liquid that has accdently gotten onto the keyboard and i didnt even know and when i called to get the laptop fixed because the keys were sticking they called to tell me that the battery was fried and i had to pay for the ...


I have an account with them my acct in arrears sure. I will get it caught up. This company breaks the privacy laws. They call references and tell them that you owe and want their stuff back when according to the privacy act all they can do is leave a message for a return call. I am going to pursue ...


Easyhome came into our home, damaged our carpets by not having carpet rolls. Easyhome is now coming to take our furniture back that we have already paid double of what its worth and still owe on it. If we keep the couch bed and a freebie kitchen table at the end of paying it off, I would have ...