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Fraudulent charges

BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!!! We have been a customer of theirs for over 5 years and we recently discovered that they have been charging us long distance for local calls!! Each time they have done so, the amount is very little, $0.04-1.00 at most however, multiply this over 5 years and it adds up! ...

Charging for services, never been get any activatation number, getting a bill every month, They didn't response to discard my imposed name as their consumer, Pointe Claire (Quebec), and USA

Dear Sirs: My name:, Address: Land Line: Email: This complaint related to the Company called ( CONVERGIA ) pg=tplatinum&1242374229 Main office: 237 Hymus Boulevard, Pointe Claire (Quebec), H9R 5C7, Canada REMIT PAYMENT TO U.S.A Office: ...