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Co-operators Insurance & Echelon Insurance
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Is there a way to dispute insurance information like there is for a credit report? I went in to cancel my insurance today and did it without a problem. Have the notice that the insurance was canceled dated today, but when I went to get insurance with a different company, they said there is a ...

Co-operators Insurance
The Co-operators, Co-operators, Co-op Insurance, Daughter's Claim Not Going Well, Asked Us For Credit Information, Something Wrong?

My Daughter and her husband have been clients of Co-operators Insurance for over 10 years and they recommended we give them a try again. We had been clients with Co-op many years ago with an agent but something happened to the agency and we ended up moving to a broker. Our broker has been very good ...

Co-operators Insurance
The Co-operators General Insurance - The Sovereign General - Co-operators Life Insurance Cancelled Insurance Without Cause, Hiked Rates Without Cause, Took Payments for over 20 Years

The Co-operators Insurance company is cancelling home insurance and asking a long time client to re-apply for insurance? This is being done after having been a client for over 20 years? Renewal is possible but at a much higher premium and this seems completely unfair! This company is ...