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Capital Distribution Group
Congratulations! Sole recipient of winning cash prize check for 9.000.oo. Required to send 19.95 fee for processing and delivery.(Luckily I checked before sending any cash. Real meaning hidden in writing on supposed "Official rules")) Toronto Ontario

I received letter in the post - Highly "official" looking printout etc. I really had to read the whole of the back page of rules to spot a flaw and possible "let-out clause" for the firm. I was suspicious at the cost of 19.95 for release and delivery of a cheque, even if by courier. The words ...

CapitaL Distribution Group

I recieved a letter from these people saying i had won 9000 and to get the cheque i had to send a cheque to them for 19.95. I thought it was a rip off thats why i have checked up on this site. Thanks for the information. Jembly13 andover United Kingdom ...