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Canada Post
Missing mail/opened mail

A year ago I had a Christmas card go missing that had a gift card inside. An embarrasing issue for Myself and the giving party. She had to ask about it because I never had my daughter call her to thank her. It all came together when we realized we never received it. This year we ordered some ...

Canada Post
Poor Service

We live in an unincorporated district under the regional district management. What this means is the post office delier mail to our local community mail boxes situated within walking or driving distance for most residents. The complaint is Canada Post sub-contacting mail service to our local ...

Canada Post
Arrogance/Above the Law

Canada Post started charging GST on foreign packages despite the rule (2012) says "Mail addressed to foreign destinations requiring total shipping charges $5 or more... are not subject to GST" Canada Post is not authorized to impose or revise the Canadian tax code. Don't put up with this crap. ...