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Andrew Webber - Shelia Blackmore -
ANDREW WUTT, I have been scammed like the rest of the people complaining. I sent him 200$ and then he dissapeared for days

I have all emails including his Bank account numbers, pictures, email and apparent phone number. He pretended to make me a layout. I gave him 200 and he literally dissapeared for days without contact. After finally threatening he said no worries ill build it, send me the same shit graphics with no ...

Andrew Webber
This person defrauded me by claiming to make a forum for me. He took my money and did absolutely nothing. Ripped off for $300. He get small increments of money from hundreds of people at a time. Sheila is a nasty wench on the phone

This person(s) ripped me off for a forum they were pretending to make. They showed me a site of what it would look like first. I sent $100 to his CIBC bank account. Then upon completion I sent another $200 to his CIBC bank account. He delivered NOTHING, stole my money like he did to DOZENS of ...

Andrew Webber
Scam fraud

Andrew Webber at is con-artist and a scammer. He took a paypal deposit of $200 from me to do a flash video player, and just like the others he got really slow and then never responded to my emails after getting the money. He kept promising saying he'd do it and then never uploaded or ...