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Alarm Force
Poor customer service

I sure wish I read this before taking over an existing alarm system in a house I purchased. Received inadequate training on system, so everytime I came home, alarm would go off. Was able to turn it off, and never turned it back on again - as was unable to ever be properly trained, and literature ...

Alarm Force, Inc
Unauthorized charges

I owned a small business and contracted the services of this company in 1997. I always payed monthly fees on time for equipment and monitoring services. In 2008 business was not doing well and we had to shut down the facility monitored by alarm force. On November 2008, we called this company to ...

Alarm Force
Very Bad service

We were using alarm force since 2006 and used for 4 years. Service was terrible. We moved to VOIP based telephone in Decemeber 31, 2010 and Alarm force equipment was not working there after. When we called the customer service they want us to start a new contract for another 3 years, higher fees ...