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Destiny Research Group, " Maria Duval"
Received info on Ring of Re promising Good fortune at a time of recovering from Major back surgery, so jumped deperately at the chance and sent the cheque, but no ring or good forturne has been sent

I received info on the Ring of Re, which promised me good luck and fortune for a better life at a time of recovering from Major back surgery, with two small children, a tired husband and lower income for 12 to 18 months and a difficult recovery. I jumped at the chance to recieve any good luck ...

Maria Duval
Another ripoff! As with so many other individuals, I today received the usual "miracle" letter from Maria Duval stating "Nicos Daskalos" had a vision about me!

I am so sick and tired of receiving "miracle" letters from various "psychics" - over the past 6 months, I do believe I have been contacted by at least 4 of them, all with the same jargon. The one I received today (November 14, 2007) encouraged me to look up "Nicos Daskalos" on the internet, and lo ...

Proline Financial Group Of Publishers Sweepstakes / Proline INC Check For 2, 300. 70 Sent In Mail
Proline Financial Group Of Publishers Sweepstakes Check for $2, 300.70 sent in mail. Big Joke! Scam! Rip Off! Texas

I recieved on 19 Oct 2007, the same envelope from 8300 Steeles Avenus West, Woodbridge, Ontario Canada, L4H 1J1. Supposedly, a ticket (I never filled out) was selected in Las Vegas Nevada (A place I have not been since I was 14 years old and they would not let me in nor some 20 year old musclebound ...