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Eting Extreme caution advised, Wachovia Bank Check offered, arrogant representatives' attitude

This is the first time I've ever issued a report on Ripoff here, and I have no connection to Ripoff, other than wanting to prevent someone from experiencing a loss, as I feel that there is a very high degree of probability that this is a fraudulent scheme with authentic-looking packaging. I ...

EM & EM Marketing & Logistics Management Inc
Received a check in the mail for $4, 980.00 along with a letter stating I had been selected to be a "secret shopper" for my area

Received a letter along with a check for $4, 980.00 telling me I had been selected to be a "secret shopper". The companies listed in the letter-CINRAM INC, WESTERN UNION, WAL-MART, are viable companies however, the main company, EM & EM Marketing & Logistics Management, Inc. is a scam. My ...