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Glass-Smith & Company
Rip off, cut my glass wrong, when questioned...owner starts yelling at me (yes, I was being a lady) wouldn't refund my money, Internet

The WORST and most UNPROFESSIONAL service I have ever received! I had taken my glass in to be cut, (at first they lost my measurements they had taped to the mirror.) I supplied them with the measurements AGAIN, but I guess this really does not matter as they cut them all "WRONG" anyway. They then ...

Misleading advertising

I was booking a hotel for Seattle and decided that I would try the un-plubished rate option...WHAT A MISTAKE! I selected the "downtown- Pike Place" area and looked at all the hotel that came up when i did a regular search. All hotels were within walking distance of Pike Place. So I selected the ...

Harassing calls

HSBC collections department literally calls my cell phone every hour starting at 7AM every day. When I answer the phone, THERE IS NO ONE THERE! This is annoying and I am feeling harassed. Is there no limit to the amount of times that they can call per day?? I would like to lodge a formal complaint. ...