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Pizza Hut
"let go" for no reason

I had an argument with my manager yesterday, and today she fired me because she didnt want to work with me anymore. when i was hired they said in the orientation that there were steps/ways to deal with problems at the workplace and not one of these were implemented - i was simply "let go" same day ...

Harrasing phone calls

I have been getting phone calls from hsbc since June 25 2011till present. They have me "hold" when i answer the phone. Rude if you ask me. They ask for my wife, i say she not available, they hang up not telling me who they are or who they work for. I asked during one of these calls who they work ...


The Thunder Bay Curves Clubs offer Zumba classes for the members led by a Certified Zumba Instructor. The classes are good, but the instructor was running late and a staff member enouraged a member who is NOT certified to lead the class. I decided not to participate as this member does not know how ...