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Regional Waterproofing & Excavating
Regional Construction & Restoration Services, 1683023 Ontario Inc., 1671343 Ontario Inc. Dishonest and complete lack of integrity

We contacted Regional Waterproofing & Excavating as there was an intermittent flooding issue in the basement (occurred about once a year). The best looking ad in the Yellow Pages was amazing, I was ready to give up my first born.."we find the root of the problem and fix it" "restore and add value ...

Orville Redebacher- popcorn
Arc light in microwave

Purchased buttery popcorn put in micro wave had arc light tried anthor bag same thing. I had to throw out the whole box. 8 bags i was not happy.i have never had this happen before, why did this happen. i purchase your product regular and was very unhappy i had to throw all bags away. Carol Cervone ...

Tenant rights

A nice apt, nosy landlord is 84 years old - rosa celetti . every day she will complain to you about something, half the time it has NOTHING to do with you... She will accuse you of doing things you haven't done... She takes forever to fix anything and complains about the cost of it.. we had to wait ...