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Leadway Monitoring & Research Services
Mystery shopper market research training scam, sent me a check for over 3000$ to pt into my account and send it back to them

These people got my address ro me doing online surveys and sid that i had filled out an application to be a mystery shopper wich i never did, and so i get this ceck in the mail for 3, 968, 50 and was told to deposit it into my account and wen it cleared to call them and thy would tell me where to ...

Leadway - Leadway Monitoring And Research Services
Leadway Monitoring And Research Services Check Scam Western Union MoneyGram Audio Visual Associates Mystery Shoppe

My 18 year old son just received a letter from Leadway Inc. offering for him to be a "Mystery Shopper" for companies such as: Walmart, Home Depot, & JCPenny. They also offered one day lodging at hotels such as: Best Western or Days-Inn. There was also a very real looking check enclosed in the ...

Optima Monitoring & Research Services

Optima Monitoring sent me a check for $3972.00, I called the number they gave me. So I called the number spoke with my assignment co-ordinator asked him if the check was a Joke. He said the check was not a joke and asked me if I had a bank account and I said yes but did not give any of that ...