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Shoppers Drug Mart

My wfe had purchased Baby Formula in a can on her debit card when we went to return it as I had bought the same formula too and our baby moved up an age bracket and we also received new debit cards and our numbers are now different from the original receipts we were told we cannot return the items ...

Old Fries

I went to this Mcdonalds last night my friend and I have this unique thing we like to do. My best friends name is Ronald so going to Mcdonalds together is an inside Joke. So after our Random drive we went to Mcdonalds at the Above Location it was 2:11 am My friend orderd a Quarter Pounder with ...

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Delivery person

Today one of the delivery man who came to deliver my furniture but one elevator e was broken and thr other would not open floor one . the supertendent states will have key in 5 minutes to open so it can work for delivery.Joudrey, one of the delivery man states not waiting 5 minutes referd to teh ...