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The Brick
No Return Policy

I purchased a small DVD player, and to my advantage, it was very inexpensive. It did work, there was both sound and picture, but the whirring noise emitted by the DVD player was so loud it we actually had to turn up the television to hear it. I've never heard a DVD player make a noise this loud ...

Shoppers Survey Inc
Mystery Shopping Scam

I was a victim of a mystery shopping scam. This is how it started, I received a letter in the mail from a business called Shoppers Survey Inc, enclosed was a check for the mystery shopping assignments along with training pay for the assignments once all completed. I called the company to the phone ...

The Brick
Rip off

On September 25, 2008 I purchased, from the Scaborough SuperStore, a living-room set (Saleorder Number 09258440527�). I paid $1200 in cash for two sofas, tables and two lamps. To date I have received everything except for the lamps. I think that it's absolutely rediculous that I would have to ...