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Comtaminated Pop

July 29th/09 I went through the drive thru and only ordered a larger Diet Coke. After driving to the other side of the City I took a drink and started to suck up a lot of something that was pasty. I pulled over and took the lid off the cup to find a large amount of Bread or Bun floating in the pop. ...

NTRacoptimumcs ACAI
Charged $212.00

I sent for a promotional Acai Optimum pills for $3.75 and I end up with two bottles of the pills and they have charged me $212.00 Canadian. I want my money back as it was only the promotional price I agreed to pay. I tried contacting they by their 1800-320-2983 and I keep getting told they cannot ...


My name is Paul Broughton, and I reside at 305 Chestnut St. in St. Thomas, on June 21 at 10:20 am, I went into the Mcdonalds to get two breakfast meals for my grandson and his friend. There was one girl taking the order, one person retrieving the order. When I arrived, there was approximately five ...