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No seats

I have a major complaint against CIBC aeroplan. I am never able to book a seat on a flight! It would take 2 days to fly from Prince George to Nanaimo! Impossible to get anything over the weekend. The same thing trying to fly to Penticton. These points are virtually useless. ...

US Airwsys
Lost bag

I had filled a complaint back at the end of August About my daughters luggage getting lost for 4 days While we were on Vacation. We had to buy her new Clothes for those 4 days along with Shoes. I could kick Myself for not keeping the receipts but was told on the Phone by customer service ...

Lack of customer training

Hi, A couple days ago I went into walmart with a pedock. (A pedock is a slip of paper used as money for buy what ever is listed given by social worker.) Anyway, the pedock was listed for $200.00 of groceries. After getting all the things I needed I took $200.00 worth of groceries to the register. ...