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Fido Solutions INC
Fido Solutions - Evergreen Financial Trust a Division of Evergreen Employment Solutions offered $478, 000 and included check for $4, 000. Letter asked me to call 637-889-7002 to take the hold off the check - claims to operate out of

Imagine my surprise that I am the latest winner (potential victim) in a long line of attempted rip-offs by this "company". I received a letter Nov 10, 2009 which reads: &-letter&- EVERGREEN FINANCIAL TRUST A division of Evergreen Employment Solutions Fax: 206 888 2700 RE: MArc xxxxxxx CLAIM NUMBER: ...

RBC Financials-Consumers Reward Program Lottery
Nick Harris/April Johnson Today I received a letter informing me that I had won$45, 000.00 in Consumers Reward Lottery held on January 25th, 2009

Today I received a letter informing me I had won $45, 000.00 in the Consumers Reward Program Lottery on January 25th 2009.Included was a cashier's check for $4, 375.00. which they claim they subtracted from $45, 000.00 cover applicable taxes(what ever those are)Iwas instructed to call Nick ...

Desjardins Financial Group, John William
North American Sweepstakes Association, 4 Rasul Enterprises, LLC Bogus Check Mailed from Canada to Help Acquire Draw Winnings of $250, 000 from North America Sweepstakes Association

Received check for $3, 690 via mail postmarked Canada with letter on Desjardins Financial Group with incomplete letterhead address and stamped signature different than that of Brenda Fawcett, President, as printed below. Check said to be sent to assist in paying for government applicable taxes and ...