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Ford Corporate Financial - Group Of Publishers Sweepstakes
Cindy Williams "WHAT A SCAM--THOUGHT I HAD WON $85, 000.00" Was confused by a check for $2980.00. Thank God for the Internet!

What a ripoff. I got this letter & check in the mail today and I was so excited that it said I won $85, 000.00 and had a check enclosed for $2980.00. I was confused about the check being so small and showed it to my daughter and she read the letter and said, "Mom its a scam" so I got on the ...

Global Countertop Systems - Zak Motala - Motala Marketing Group Inc
Misrepresenting the quality of the countertop product to his dealers which he has sold territories to, misrepresenting the public who are given a 10 year warranty for a product that may last 1 yea

Tim in British Columbia said it all! Zak Motala, Marketing Group Inc. otherwise known as Global Countertop Systems, is a smooth talking, arrigant piece of work! He has sucked in many dealers to buy a territory, sold them a product that was untested, ripped of many innocent idividuals who had not ...


Recieved pajamas protocol type for christmas first of all I was told they would have draw string in pants no such thing when I tryed them on they were already ripped in the crotch and also on seam on right leg .went to bring back they said cann't return because worn once I think they were used ...