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Computer caught on fire

My Hp G60 series has been overheating from the moment I purchased it. I was a nursing student and lost various papers and assignments because it would get so hot it would burn my leg and hands. Initially, they were very helpful, they took the computer back, fixed it, but it eventually began to over ...

Canadian Tire

I will never EVER shop at Canadian Tire again. They are absolutely horrible. I purchased a bike there on April 8 (before the Easter long weekend). I rode it once around my block and discovered that it shifted very badly. This was not really a huge surprise considering that it's a $100 bike ...

Rogers cell phone
Txt msgs on a dead phone

January 28 i had called my phone comapny before januaries bill was due and stopped all calls and txt messages to this number. I had told my pphone company i want to turn off this phone. the phone holder hadnt payed his bill. Now i see that i am being charged for txt messages. Please refund my 38.00 ...