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Worker Scam

WARNING! If you ever go to the Midas on Highway 7 in Markham: PROFILE: - JOHN LOUIE - He used to work at the Midas at Steeles/Midland and has transferred to the location on highway 7 AVOID THIS WORKER! He has a history of scamming customers with ridiculous pricing quotes and pockets the money ...

Dr Boulos Moussa
Dental xrays

To whom it may concern I had gone to Dr Moussa to have xrays done on my teeth, I was having great difficulty and needed them to be repaired. I had a panoramic and I am not sure what the other was called. I did not know that I would be going to Nova Scotia at that time and thought I would have him ...

Deceptive Marketing Practices

Vbuzzer is employing deceptive marketing practices to gain revenue. My credit card information was required to try the free credit and complete the signup process. The offer specifically said that there was no obligation to purchase anything or to continue using it after the 7 day period. I have ...