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Complaint-review: Norman Edward Dyer - Frauster

Norman Edward Dyer

Norman Edward Dyer and his accomplice Patricia Nadia Cecchetto are known fraudsters living in the Huntsville, Ontario area. They have perpetrated scams on people and owe money to several different banks including Bank of Montreal ($52, 111), Bank of Nova Scotia ($260, 000), Rock Capital ...


My contract says I only pay $1.00 a month for a year, for my furnace and because I got the furnace my hot water tank is only suppose to be $11. and change. For 2 months you have taken 50.79 for the furnace and 19.09 for the hot water tank. I am tired of this, you guys said you would credit me last ...

False pretence

I booked this room because the guy (Triston) told me it was 15 minutes away from the Kee of Balla...OMG its over an hour one way. I asked if I can get a refund and he refused. He said he didn't say that however I have the email to prove otherwise. His wife became belligerent and I left...I guess ...

Tim Horton's

I am quitting my job as a storefront employee at Tim Horton's. I've worked there for almost 6 months and for about 5 and a half of the 6 I was treated like absolute garbage. Today I called in sick; I had gall bladder stones and was unable to get out of bed, my throat was swelling shut and had a ...