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City of Edmonton
The city

Iam writing this letter on behalf of me and several of my friends. We moved here about four years ago, and seemed to be a nice city. we obtained very good jobs. But now its not such a nice city at all. Its a very dirty city, bums and druggies everywhere, either sleeping on the streets or constantly ...

Theft & Rape

Chris & Calvin Turcsanyi were my business partners and one day they both robbed me and raped me. They are both homosexual serial rape artists who go around robbing and raping guys. They are considered homosexual and dangerous and everyone should be careful because they will go after anyone. ...

Canada Post
Won't deliver parcels

For a long time now I have been unable to persuade Canada Post to deliver parcels to me even though they have been well paid to do just that. I live in an apartment and I am being punished by lazy Posties who refuse to make the effort to just ring the buzzer or even try to knock on the door. I have ...