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Eagle Ridge GM

The Spot Delivery becomes a scam when, a dealer tells you that your approved for a car loan at a certain interest rate and term and they absolutely know upfront, there is NO WAY you will qualify for the car loan as written. The dealer has you sign all the papers and take delivery of the vehicle, ...

GC Heating services
Greencare heating Services LTD I will never use GC Heating again and caution other people not to use them either.Tried to Rip me off $150 for a $20 part. Broke my Hot water Tank. Did not clean my Furnace properly

Hello, I am adding my name to the list of dissatisfied people with GC Heating service. On November 29 my Furnace and Hot Water Tank was serviced by Wilson from GC Heating service. After service, Wilson told me that he had flushed water from my tank via the Pressure Relief Valve and now the valve ...

Kal Tire
Shoddy quality

Kal Tire had earned my business with their honest and friendly customer service. However, their quality of work is sub-par at best. I had my battery replaced a year ago by Kal Tire. It was a reasonable expense. Just recently, my car would not start. Kal Tire was too busy to look at my car. It was a ...