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Chocking Hazard..?

My husband surprised my 2yr old son today with some KFC's Popcorn chicken. He just loves the stuff. He was just sitting in the living room coloring with his crayon, eating his popcorn chicken, when he began chokeing. My husband and I have never jumped up so quickly before in our lives. though ...

Not sure
Foreign curency transactions

I have been recieving these charges on my credit card for a while I no long use these sights and I wish to be stop being billed. I am unsure which sight is billing my card all i get is 6612525756 and a charge for 45.17 usd with the exchange rate it plumits to 46.87 I no long want to be billed ...

The Brick

My husband and i needed a new couch very badly so we have been shopping around for a while testing out A LOT of couches until we found the right one, which was hard because most of them were either too soft or rock hard. we fell in love with one but it wasnt on sale so two weeks ago( the secon last ...