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I was rip off telling me that I won 125000.00 . I was sent a check for 4850.00 that 3785.00 needing to pay for government service the 3785. in a money gram in which I did now I am 2695.00 dollars in the hole for doing what they told me to do. the name of the contact person was John ...

RBC Financial
Sent me a Letter with a check. Told me to call and he advise me to deposit the check then call him back so i did then he said to send 2, 950.00 for taxs. Then the bank called and said the check no good so i called him he hang up on me

On Aug 1 2008, I received a letter in the mail saying i just won 125, 000.00 and there was a check in the letter for 4, 850.00. And it said to call John Anderson at 1-647-866-9684. So i did and he said congrulation, you just won so go deposit the check and then call him back well the bank put a ...

RBC Financial
Too good to be true!

I received a letter from RBC Financial indicating that I had won an Sweepstakes and Lottery Draw held on July 20, 2008. The letter said that I had won $125, 000.00 and I was to call either Brenda Adams, or John Anderson, Claims Agents. The check enclosed was for $4, 850.00, to assist me in ...