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Prime Financial
Tried to get me to depoist a 4720 check was i won 250000 in lotto drawing but had to pay 2970 in taxes first found out from pior reports that it was a scam

Recieved a letter regarding a lotto win of 250000 along with a 472000 check was told to depoist check and call them to send 2, 970 to cover taxes for uk. was suspicious called to question weither this was real was told that it was real but was pressured to depoist check next day. Looked them up ...

Merritt Summit Financial - Steele Solutions
Steele Solutions Merritt Summit Financial Or Steele Solutions Sheila Harris & Kart Louis sent a check for $4.720.00 to help pay taxes of $2, 970 same individuals and address as others

Steele Solutions Inc. is obviously the same Ripoff - Fidelity international lotto winner of $250, 000, with check of $4, 000 to pay taxes of $2, 970 signed by Elllis Ryan, call agent Kart Louis, signed by Sheila Harris all that's changed is company name and phone number. ...