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First Capital Securities Inc

I recieved a letter stating I had won lottery for $125, 000.00 also a check for $4875.00, letter said I needed to send them $2975.00 in taxes to their claim agent. After processing my tax payment, they would forward me a check for $120, 125.00 via Fedex. I did some research on the web found ripoff ...

First Capital Securities
Iinforming me that I had won a sweepstake and won 125, 000. sent me a check for 4875. I did not call because i looked it up on line and found the report that someone had filed

This company sends a letter informing you that you have won a sweepstake, they send you a check for 4875.00 along with the letter. You are not supposed to cash the check till you call, it is suppose to go for federal taxes owed on the money you have one. When you call they want you to send them ...