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2WayTraffic charge
Third Party cell phone charges

On my recent Rogers Celluar phone bill that I received I noticed a $ charge of $19.50 charge on noted as the following: Event Premium Text 4 MSGS $12.00 and Event Third Party Charges $ 7.50. This is the first time this charge has ever shown up on my monthly bill. When I contacted Rogers, I was informed by the first representative that I spoke to thet it was a third party charges that I have no knowledge of ever agreeing to. The name of the third party company that is noted on my recent bill is 2waytraffic. I've tried to initaite contact with this company as three different Roger's representatives have suggested I do once I noticed the charges on my bill but, I'm unable to get through. The phone number noted on the bill to call regarding questions was 1-800-301-4217. I have not been able to get through.

My final call to Rogers last evening, the representative, I spoke to last evening (July 12, 2011) suggested I file a complaint on this third party comapny's website. Because I have no contact information for this unknown company the agent provided me with a website for them. The compnay's website is ( however, inorder to file a complaint through this website you must provide personal contact information which I refuse to do. When I tried contacting the telphone number, you also have to provide your cell phone number, but, it just indicates its an invalid number and their recording states they will connect you to a representative to speak with.

To date, I have not been successful in getting through to someone. My orginal phone call to Rogers regarding potential charges took place back on June 22, 2011 to point out that I started to receive texts messages. I was unable to provide an address to the first agent becasue I was deleting them as soon as they would come through on my cell phone. She told me to phone back once I received my bill if I was charged. Which I did yesterday. I was informed by all three agents that I spoke to yesterday that it's an independant third party company who has billed me and that I have to pay the bill. I am frustrated and upset because I'm being charged with text messages that I'm receiving daily on my cell phone from this third party company called 2WayTraffic. I don't even know what TwoWay Traffic is. I do not text on my cell phone so would never agree to receiving texts on my phone from some company that I have no knowledge of.

The first representative that I spoke to yesterday told me to hit STOP on the next text that I recieve from the company which should stop the texts, which I have done. However I was informed by Rogers that I'm still responsible for the bill from this thirdparty company that has been noted on my recent Rogers Cellular Bill. So from June 17 to June 24 (The end period for my last bill I was charged $ 19.50 extra) So next months bill I will be charged from June 25 to July 12 when I was finally told by Rogers how to stop the texts from being received. This is outrages. I was told by the rogers representatives who I sopke to that I am responsible for paying these charges. (even though it's not something I have ever agreed to)

I realize it's only 19.50 but as far as I'm concerned it $ 19.50 too much for something that I have NOT agreed to not have no idea what it is that I'm being charged for. As I indicated earlier the type of charge noted on my bill is as follows:

Event Premium Text 4 MSGS $12.00

Event Third Party Charges $ 7.50

and then noted on Page 6 of my bill statment is the following information:

1 Jun 17- 2WayTraffic *33233 Game On 1-800-301-4217

Since June 17 I have been receiving text messages every day at noon. Until yesterday when I was finally told they can be stopped by texting STOP. I was receiving them on a daily basis. Because I don't know how to text I had to get someone else to do this action for me.

The number of phone calls I made to Rogers was:

June 22: to indicate I was receiving these text messages and I wanted to make sure I was not going to get billed. She told me to contact Rogers if there are charges on my next bill which I did yesterday (July 12) when I received my monthly bill.

Because my phone bill is only for charges up to June 24 This means I'm going to be faced with another bill for the month of July from June 25 to July 12 when I was told how to stop these texts from coming.

I'm very upset over this.


Company: 2WayTraffic charge

Country: Canada   Province: Nova Scotia

Category: Telecommunications


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