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Primus/ Phone service
Disrespectful customer care and unreasonable policies

On July 6th, my business phone line got suspended. I made a call to inquire to them about this and all I got was rude replies.

1st call - I got in contact with technical dept.
After i told them my account numbers and etc. I waited for 10 minutes!
When technical rep. came back, he is telling me that it was suspended because of amount not paid and that they tried to reach me 4-5times. So i told them i never received any such call and i have been paying everything in right time and i told him that I'd like to speak to customer rep. then he suddenly tells me that he is a customer rep?! I argued with him a bit and hung up since he wouldn't transfer my call to customer dept.

2nd call - I got in contact with customer rep. and she was very nice and all but when she looked into my account her voice became cold. I asked i have made full payment and i would like to have my business phone line back and she replies "IT WILL TAKE 4-5 DAYS IN ORDER TO REACTIVATE THE SERVICE"!?!? WTH!??
I was so pissed and asked her what amount was not paid. She told me that it was from June. I told her, 'i have made payment on June 28th? " Then she goes silent. I asked her, "If i haven't paid then why in the world would you suspend the service now? why not in June? I mean i have made fully payment and a week after June you guys suspend it? ' She's still silent... Then her reply was the greatest joke of all time. "I guess you were lucky.."
OH MY GOD! I guess this shitty company's system works based on the LUCK?
I got furious and she said that I need to speak to billing dept. and she said one moment, and transferred my call.
But instead of billing dept. all I hear was messages from main menu saying, 'please press 1 for service in english'!??!?!?? I am pretty sure that was done purposely to buy them some time to think this over since it was clear that I HAVE PAID FULLY PAYMENT AND THEY CLEARLY MADE MISTAKE

3rd call - Credit rep. is telling me that I have made full payment but because i had remaining balance on march and April, their system has made a choice to suspending my account. So i argued that why on earth suspend it now? not in March of April? We argues for 15 minutes for he was keep saying ' its the system that does it' I got furious and cursed at him and at this he yelled, 'I can't take this no longer sir! I am going to transfer your call'!!! I never received such rude customer care ever. I've been dealt with Bell, rogers, and Cogeco, never in my life i have been yelled at by the reps. EVER

- I got transferred to customer rep. and now she is telling me that their is dept. for billing and dept. who does suspension. LIKE I DON'T KNOW THAT?
I told her, ' OK i have made full payment and this is my 5th time being transferred around, I am really angry about this. You better tell me why my business line got suspended.'
She replies, 'You have made full payment on June 30th and our suspension call was also made.'
I told her, 'so? why didn't you cancel that call? since it has been a week since i made the payment? '
She replies, 'We cannot cancel the suspension call sir.' OH MY GOD! At this i just gave up and told her that 'go Fuxx yourself' and hung up. You know what is even more funny? They reactivated my service 30 minutes later. WOW! what happened to "it takes 4-5 days to reactivate' and what happened to 'WE CANNOT CANCEL THE SUSPENSION!? ' I changed my phone service to different providers right away after this call.

In conclusion, if you are using Primus. Phone line, Switch it NOW. Really, you never know something like this might happened to your home or your business. IT IS CLEAR THAT THEIR DEPARTMENTS DOES NOT WORK TOGETHER BUT RATHER INDEPENDENTLY. I mean how can you trust a company that cannot even keep track whether the customer have made payment or not? I have wasted about 2 hours and my business phone could not take any calls. Loss was great for me. What a shitty day.


Company: Primus/ Phone service

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Hamilton

Category: Telecommunications


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