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Detective William Goetz #669 supports TERRORISM AND CRIMINALS
York Regional Police

Email from Maryam Torabipour threatening Judges. This is a REPEAT cycle and it is done in CONJUNCTION with various corrupt York Regional Police who are feuding with these named Judges:


Corrupt Judges will EXPIRE!!!


“Maryam Torabipour” [Add]


[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] [Add]


[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] [Add]


Mon, 19 Mar 2012 5:44 AM


AND WOP Politicians.

This is a demonstration just how committed we are to the YRP and the YRP

are committed to us. This is a technique and trap we have made WITH THE

YRP and with Det. Phil Shrewsbury ( you can email him for confirmation

at [email protected]). This was done to PROTECT our reputation and to ensure

our safety from WACKOMAFO the same idiot and JOBLESS HOBO that you

corrupt and dirty Judges in Newmarket protect:

If you are using internet explorer:

a) Go to

b) Go to top Menu and go to VIEW&-gt;SOURCE and the source code for the

page will appear

if you are using Firefox like DIRTY JUSTICE MICHAEL JEWBOY BROWN is

using do this (and I will explain carefully for you morons in black


a) Go to TOOLS&-gt;PAGE INFO and a pop up will appear


click keywords.

Do you pu**yholes see what the Keywords are? LOL. We ARE the face of the

York Regional Police. We have told WACKOMAFO and KIKE JEW JUDITH HOLZMAN

for years that the York Regional police loves and cherishes our family!!

We are attractive, privileged and CLASSY … BUT above all we are NOT

criminals and poor - 5 to a car white trash wop losers like the

AMICUCCI family that is why they cherish us. Do you see my name there

2x? Do you see BAHMAN HAFEZ AMINI? Our poor tragically ZIONIST corrupted

charged blood relative? Do you see all of us there? Do you see how the

YRP want to crush you filthy dirty Judges who keep dismissing their hard

work? You are there too KIKE HOLZMAN. Did you see your name there? Only

person missing are the (soon) to be LATE AMICUCCI family BUT WACKOMAFO

is being left for the York Regional Police. They will take care of

MaFATio. As we predicted the two arrest to the day let us just say a

little birdie tells us MafatIO has a little surprise coming this week. I

hope he likes PC KIDDIEDIDDLER KINGSTON. Detective Gentili has a special

“iphone” for him. Every one knows he is a WACKOMAFO and you

know...people GET SHOT. You can thank SUPERINDTENDENT Turl, INSPECTOR

Angelo DeLorenzi, Mo, James, Bill Goetz and genius Phil for this. They

needed to grab your IP address for the NEXT SEARCH WARRANT to tear MAMA

MARIA GRACE home apart...and it's coming WACKMAFO. I told you we be

comin'. You need to step UP YOUR GAME to play with the YRP and the


That leaves that dirty JUDGES, politicians and LAWYERS for US. The great

and honorable MALEKI-RAIES (you can get the spelling on the front

PAGE!!! of the YORK REGIONAL POLICE) will take care of you dirty and

filthy corrupt kikes who make WACKOMAFO walk around and dishonor our

family. The KEYWORDS on is NOT to brag. It is just to show you

filthy dirty animals just how serious Mr. Chief Eric Jolliffe takes

these crimes and disrespect against his officers and our family will be

taken. This is also to warn the Judges that will be mentioned that

NOTHING will happen to our family and NO ZIONIST entity or JEW KIKE will

intimidate or force the YRP of their goal to incarcerate and be-rid York

Region of the Amicucci family, of Carmine Perrilli (Mayor Barrows sez hi

BIATCH), Mario “the KIDDIEDIDDLER” Racco and his chink refugee mail

order UGLY bride Sandra Racco (WACKOMAFO is YOUR responsibility and

Firoozeh's safety is YOUR issue. If she is harmed you are dead NO

QUESTONS AND NO INVESTIGATION ASKED!!! ), Judith Holzman and Michael

Derubeis and last BUT NOT LEAST the DIRTY FILTHY Judges that corrupt

justice and fail to allow the police to keep York Region and more

importantly OUR FAMILY safe from lowlife TROLL JOBELESS POSTER BOY FOR

INSANITY WACKOMAFO. We are not scared. We took care of ocl and sent them

a message. We didn't hide . Afarin Maleki took care of the Jews 2 years

ago and we DIDN'T HIDE nor did the yrp and especially our dear sponsor

Gentili back down from multiple pressure. WE ALL DID what is right


the MALEKI-RAEIS have suffered numerous years of torment and harassment.

IT STOPS NOW AND if blood needs to be spilled it will!!! This dishonor

and nonsense will stop. Currently WACKOMAFO is on bail and CHARGED

TWICE!!! (by the honest and diligent Detective Mark and Ian McLellan)

for the following:

-Criminal Harassment*


-Dangerous Driving with the intent to cause DEATH (to Reza Behroozian

who has a right to defend himself BTW:)

-Stalking/creeping (inappropriate Watching and Following) of MINORS!!!

-Impersonation using emails/phone calls/letters to threaten public

figures and members of the community

We as a family have been protected with a restraining order where by

MAFARIO ANTONIO AMICUCCI is to not come within 500 ft of us, our place

of residence, place of eduction and/or place of employment.

These are not allegations but FACTS as all the above mentioned charges

are before the court and are also public record.

We have been victims of cyber stalking, psychological abuse, and

defamation for the past SEVEN years by an individual who is obviously

extremely disturbed and mentally unstable. Using IP spoofing, he has

dedicated his life and every waking moment to feed this twisted

obsession and fantasy of so called "revenge".

This is a DISHONOR to our family but OXYHEAD WACKOMAFO is just one

WACKO. The reason why he continues is because the people who ALLOW him

to and you will be dressed down and addressed personal one by one and

read this carefully because the time for talk is OVER!!! The YRP is

sick. WE AS a family are SICK of this and blood has to be spilled in

lieu of lost honor. It is the way it is.

1) Justice Heather Mcgee Of FRAUDmarket court-

You are the reason this is HAPPENING!! It is your refusal to grant my

family a restraining order that caused WACKOMAFO to be arrested in

March. IT IS your corruption that has caused this and the police have

FULLY briefed us into why this happened and the reason this happened is

because you and JEW HOLZMAN are FRIENDS. I kept the ORIGINAL REFUTED

(corruptly and wrongly) restraining order. These are the ORIGINALS I

WANT YOU to see:

( by the way WACKOMAFO owns Bayinm- we used it for you. It is an illegal

child pornography site and the police are investigating so that's what


I kept these because I made a promise to my family: The original will be

DIPPED IN YOUR blood HEATHER!!! to restore our honor and to make YOU

suffer as we have. YOU have a lot of conferences scheduled and we will

be at each and every one and when the time comes- YOU WILL SUFFER...oh

and don't worry about the OPP :) . They know you are a sniveling stuck up

megalomaniac and York Region has already “briefed” them :) . We know they

are there. The YRP has taken care of the OPP. They are SICK of you

corrupt Judges as the YRP are. You are surrounded and cut off and you

will DIE for your transgressions... UNLESS you offer a written

apology on your own court letterhead and give one copy each to : Det.

Gentili, Det. Charlebois, Fariba Maleki, Afarin Maleki, Forooz Maleki.

This can and will be over IF you do as we have instructed. You have 7

days to forward those apologies to first and foremost Mo Gentili. You

made 100's of man hours go down the drain and embarrassed a very honest

and good police officer. This apology will be posted publicly under all

the slander that WACKOMAFO posted... you have 7 days and if not you

will suffer dire consequences. 7 months of VERY EASY bail for me is an

easy sacrifice to end this harassment and dishonor. There are MANY

Mohand's out there and they are ready to kill you easily. You will

learn a valuable lesson that the POLICE and the CROWN attorney's office

run NEWMARKET courts not you over paid corrupt and moronic Judges. We

will show you that you are VERY touchable and we can get you any time,

any where despite who or what watches you (they won't watch you anyways,

they HATE YOU and think you are an overbearing corrupt whiner). SO think

hard and do as we say or those original CORRUPTED restraining orders

will be signed and sealed in your DIRTY WHITE BLOOD.

2) Justice Timms and Justice Kaufman- The two orders you made against

FIROOZEH you can wipe your butts with it. You are stupid and corrupted

to think that your measly JEW ORDERS mean anything. We have said one day

after these orders and we say one year after these orders- YOUR COURT


MONEY!!! The orders mean nothing to our family. We do only as the LAW

states to do and Charlebois has instructed us only to PAY cost orders

and NOT ONE PENNY MORE!!! and that is what is to be done. JEW HOLZMAN

you can threaten and harass Firoozeh but her instructions are you won't

see ONE CENT and just like ALBERT DINIZ and Firoozeh herself TRAMPLED

your JEW skank in court so will ED. NO MONEY and NO OXY for WACKOMAFO.

You JUDGES are persona non-GRATIS as you are CORRUPT as investigated by

the York Regional Police. Both Gentili and Charlebois are investigating

you JUDGES and you can SHARE a jail cell with WACKOMAFO. You got my

package huh? I WANT you to know it's us and that feces inside is what

you deserve- FECES to match your USELESS COURT orders. And don't bother

whining about those “packages”- OPP and YRP will make sure they are

“handled” properly I.e shoved right back up your corrupt butt. It's

COMPLETE INSANITY to think honest cops will spend ONE minute protecting

you corrupt garbage. You aligned your self with the dirty AMICUCCI

family and will die in your own corruption like them. Don't expect

anything from YRP or OPP. You don't deserve it. And you won't get it.

But you know that by now. I don't have to tell you. Let's just say a

little birdie told me. Every single officer in that court has been

instructed to ignore your whining and to TARGET only the filthy trash

AMICIUCCI family. You know this and you will see with your own eyes what

happens to corrupt ZIONIST pigs.

3) Sandra Racco- BOTH WACKOMAFO and Firoozeh Maleki are in your AREA .

It is YOUR responsibility to arrest WACKOMAFO and PROTECT Firoozeh (the

VICTIM!! ). We know where your kids go to school and we know where you

LIVE!!! Your husband is a crook and a pedophile and we have all the

information on him. The police don't have to protect you and you dirty

politicians already know they DON'T CARE!!! You know we have every

reason to be in your kid's area and beside his school. HEY accidents

happen. Do you really want your kids CRUSHED under the tires of an

errant car? Or another MOHAND (and we have many who will do as we say

and will take 100% responsibility) cut the throat of your flesh and

blood children? Is WAKOMAFO worth that? All you have to do is phone

JUSTASS Brown at 905-853-8427 and DEMAND he pull the bail on

WACKOMAFO!!! You do this and this all stops. We promise you and the YRP

promises you it will all stop once he is behind bars so think of your


4) To Joe Fantauzzi- You dirty fat wop!!! Remove this article


The YRP and the Crown have completely exonerated me and this article is

both embarrassing and demeaning. Remove this or expect a “package” soon

that will make you...uhhh... very ill...comply or you see...just a

suggestion :)

5) JustASS Brown- WACKOMAFO is to appear in Court on March 27, 2012. WE

WILL ALL BE THERE watching the JUDGES. Watching YOU. If we see any

corruption like JustASS Hourigan pulled you will be marked for death by

us and MARKED for a righteous investigation by the YRP. They know you

are CORRUPT and we KNOW that you have spoken at Length with Chief Eric

Jolliffe. You know how much danger our family is and if we suffer you

deserve to suffer. We will get you at York. You know a lot of crazy

“brothers” over there. Jus' sayin.

6) Arnie Lemmaire of Blazing Cat- We know the police have talked to you

and have told you the truth. We know you are very understanding to them

and offered assistance BUT please remove those embarrassing articles on

your blog. It wasn't us who posted them. Thank you sweetie :)

And to all listed: If the police will change their very own web page to

reflect how far they will go to protect it's honest citizens and the


contemplate that. They LOVE and CHERISH us and will protect us. As we

stated numerous times Det. Gentili put his hand to his heart and with

TEARS in his EYES promised my mother and aunts he will take care of

them. Det. Charlebois has stated to us how much he can't stand this

ZIONIST thug gang at Newmarket and was FURIOUS when WACKOMAFO was

released 2x. He was in tears with our family and called a family

meeting to promise us that he will FULLY Investigate THE JUDGES AND


used her ZIONIST connections to get BAHMAN HAFEZ AMINI (an innocent and

very loved man in Dallas) in trouble and has promised both WACKMAFO and

YOU will got o JAIL FOR IT. Bahman's name now honors the FRONT PAGE OF

YRP.CA. Think about that JEW HOLZMAN. PS. Just as an aside HOLZMAN and

WACKOMAFO- The next set of charges will be from Det. Kelly #823 and Det.

Robert Thomson #594. Det. Robert has personally assured us that they are

investigating both corrupt police in Dist. 4 ( yes they know about that

WACKOOXYHEADMAFO)and Judges who help the filthy AMICUCCI family. He

knows the family and said they are a dirty filthy animals that deserve

to be shot down DEAD!!! He said he knows the family and especially MAMA

MARIA GRACE AMICUCCI is helping wackomafo and has assured our family

that ALL of the AMICUCCIS and JEW HOLZMAN will be in jail. Just as we

warned you of Charlebois' upcoming charges ahead of time, we warn you

ALL that Det. Robert will be arresting you all soon. You can contact him

at [email protected] . He will personally tell you how REPULSIVE the Amicuccis


Think about how low and corrupt you have to be to stand by as a woman

and allow wackMAFO to go after 15 year old ARIANA TORABIPOUR!!! A

MINOR!!! Speaking of ARIANA, my dear sister who I love to death and will

KILL for, she has a message for you JEW HOLZMAN AND UGLY HO HEATHER

MCGEE, she was so furious at what WACKOMAFO put on the internet that she

promised that you both should die by shoving a knife in your vagina. You

can follow exactly how you will die and how painful it will be here:! /arianatorabi

Her exact quote directed to both HOLZMAN and HO MCGEE IS:

“omfg pardon me while i shove a knife in your vagina you ugly motherfucker “

and you both are UGLY!!!

That's how furious we are. You can scroll down and see this message. It

is directed to you two idiots and more will be posted. You can follow

our messages to you ugly people at:


You deserve nothing more than a KNIFE IN BOTH YOUR VAGINAS.

And don't bother reporting this to the police. I can assure you NOTHING

will be done.

We will like to thank Chief Eric Jolliffe, Inspector Angelo DeLorenzi,

Det. Phil Shrewsbury, Constable Chris Parsons, Supervisor Graeme Turl,

Supervisor Koates, Det. Bill Goetz (Ben sends his regards sweetie!!! :)

and especially Det. Charlebois and Det. Gentili. You are both our rocks

and we will be indebted to you all for life. YOU GUYS ARE THE GREATEST

:) . Thank for setting up your homepage at to defend our honor

and punish these criminals. WE ADORE YOU XXXOOXOXOO. We ADORE your HARD

WORK!!! U r the GREATEST!!

And to WHACKMAFO: PLEA GUILTY or your family will die. We will be

watching YOU. We will be watching the JUDGES and we will be there in

person to view this on MARCH 27- COURTROOM 201- GUILTY or many will


And Gail Millar you fat F**K don't think Gentili has forgotten about

you. We haven't . We promised the next powder will be REAL!! We know

where you live and our promise to Gentili was you will end up

hospitalized or in hell wit your husband. We know what you did to

Gentili and he knows what you said about him. Our gift to him will be

your pain!!! You fat f**K corrupt cow.

Robert LAMPERT- You JEW ZIONIST MEDIA fool- this article is old and I am

FREE and the charges dismissed:

REMOVE IT IMMEDIATELY or I will DMCA your butt into bankruptcy!!!

Look here to see the meta KEYWORDS on the homepage of these duteous

police. We wil fight with the YRP to protect ourselves and their

reputation. You can count on that;
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Offender: Detective William Goetz #669 supports TERRORISM AND CRIMINALS

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Newmarket

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