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Viota Novus
False Complaints

To the person who addressed me & others:

I attended an alumni meeting last week and happened to mention these blogs. (My alumni consist of RNs. I am a retired psychiatric nurse). The subject drew interest among some of my colleagues as some of us, earlier in our careers, had worked in a treatment/recovery centre. So a couple of us decided this warranted further research which revealed that these bloggers were not only playing a guessing game but obviously had conjured up these stories and formed their own vindictive conclusions. In other words, get your facts straight folks before making such stupid, false accusations!!!

Firstly, if you’re not an ex employee, then perhaps you are one who was in recovery and should continue with follow-up?? Otherwise, why these vindictive remarks? Yes we can see you have a grudge of sorts. Let’s clarify some things here: Let it be known that Vita Novus has never reneged on any payments whatsoever; the allegations made on this board are completely false! Got it? Both premises occuped by Vita Novus were on a ‘lease-to-own’ basis in which legitimate monthly payments were being made to the vendor. The second location was purchased by another vendor due to a need for expansion. This vendor purchased the first location for his own abode. Legitimate monthly payments were continuously met but the final sale didn’t close due to the greedy vendor wanting more, thus taking back his offer. In July 2010 there was a huge deposit made (was never defaulted) and once again, the premises DID NOT close due to any ‘default payments’ whatsoever (the vendor kept the money, close to $500, 000) but he will not get off that easy as this continues to be part of ongoing court proceedings! So, contrary to those false accusations made here (none of which were ever substantiated), Vita Novus NEVER left due to an eviction notice, but rather, moved to a bigger and better facility under the name of Lotus, which, by the way, is the same program offered by Vita Novus!

If you had all done your homework (research), you might have thought twice about your blogs but then again, maybe not! Bloggers like yourself are so vindictive that you’ll stop at nothing in your attempts to degrade someone.

All those other comments made on this board were obviously done by the same disgruntled employees and/or patients who continue to be in denial by blatantly refusing to complete any program or seek further help offered by these programs! Yes, true that AA offers some support but for the most part, these patients need much more than that. Those serious cases cannot be cured by AA or short-term programs, alone.

We're not all unaware of computer technology! Oh yes, IP identification reveals that these comments have been made by a handful of the same disgruntled people posting over and over again! People like you who try to damage the reputation of their victim, turn other people against him and his facility and then post false information about him on websites. I’m sure that others have been stalked, harassed, defamed, or flamed by vindictive narcissists like you. Furthermore, research has shown that the person you (& others) are slandering, has never himself denied being in recovery and you all undoubtedly know that! That information has always been made known both on his website and to all prospective clients. I would venture to bet that many of you (the accusers) have been through the courts yourselves and know what we speak of here!! I would think from a healing standpoint, that being in recovery would serve as an ideal person to assist others who desperately seek help (like giving back to the community).

Oh and incidentally, staff turnover was necessary mainly because some were neither qualified nor good enough to help others or they didn’t have the passion required for the position. Consequently, they were replaced and the complainers you see here are venting because they were fired! So bottom line is, from what I understand, what you see and other similar complaint boards, will soon be removed by a court order already in process. Cowards who slander John or anyone (for that matter) never acknowledge their identity so obviously they are in denial themselves, hiding behind their computers. Oh and you know with certainty that John is an unethical lying criminal? That is definitely ‘slander’! In addition you have not only publicly mentioned him by name but have gone on to mention his home address! I’m sure you know that from a legal point of view, this would be considered an invasion of privacy and once again, ‘slander’. Do you really think that you can’t be identified by your IP address? Think again; you can easily be traced even though you hide behind your false identities and locations! It’s quite obvious by various comments made on this board that you appear to be the same people complaining over and over again, simply changing your handles etc. Do you really think you’re undermining someone’s intelligence here? Let’s face it, all of you know that what I’ve stated is true but obviously you haven’t thought about your own persona lately (or probably ever)... SO my advice to you is this: Go have another drink (or whatever) and take a good long look in the mirror and don’t forget your own transgressions!! It‘s certainly plain to see by various comments that YOU the accusers have a huge problem to deal with! Oh yes, and research has also shown that there are many recovered and satisfied Vita Novus patients out there who continue to WORK their programs and are leading normal productive lives!!!
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Offender: Viota Novus

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario

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