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If you found yourself on this site, which is a virtual board of shame, a book of complaints, reviews, feedbacks, comments and claims of the Canada, then you have something to say publicly.

You witnessed some trouble happening to your family and friends, you were humiliated or insulted – don’t store up your negative emotions! Splash out your discontent on write a negative review or a complaint, file a claim, leave some comments which show someone’s lies and dishonesty.


What is, and what is it used for? is a virtual board of shame, a board or a book of complaints, claims, negative feedbacks and reviews, comments, and other useful but unpleasant information.

The main purpose of this site is to inform people.

If you were cheated in a store, those who have read your negative comment or a complaint will stay away from that outlet. If you were denied a refund or a return of damaged goods, the entrepreneur is most likely to lose many customers because his reputation will be spread through the Internet very quickly. If you encountered rudeness and offensive behavior in a state institution, it’s quite possible that those found responsible may get punished, because almost everyone uses Internet now, including our dear officials. We think that it will be quite unpleasant for them to see complaints or negative feedback about their institutions or their actions on the Internet. A complaint about a lawyer or an accountant will warn people about a specialist’s incompetence, and, in many cases, will save business from bankruptcy. Complaints and reviews of doctors and hospitals will help people avoid quack actions, and in many cases keep their good health.

Information is power!


What to complain about and what to demand?

All the things that take you off balance and cause negative emotions deserve more attention. What happened to you would be a warning to others. If you were cheated in a store, were treated in a rude manner or if someone refused to put oneself in your place – write a negative review. If you are experiencing, for example, the refusal to refund money or to return defective goods - write a complaint on our website, share your problem with everyone.

Leave negative feedback and complain about companies and their representatives, about authorities and their officials, about institutions and their employees... Ask for the punishment of speculators and swindlers, demand repairing of the roads and localities’ infrastructure development. Anything that can improve your life and the life of the people around you, but due to objective reasons is not realized, should be made public.

The messages you leave should be as informative as possible - do not be afraid to give names and demand justice. Sometimes one employee may ruin the whole organization's reputation, while company policy is designed to meet all customers’ needs.



  • By writing on our virtual board of shame, complaints and suggestions you warn others about the troubles and embarrassment that can happen to them.
  • It’s quite possible that the offender will read about the claims raised and agree to a compromise by making public apologies.
  • Among the readers of there is always someone who will express a qualified opinion about an incident.


You have nothing to complain about?

Congratulations, you are one of the lucky few, guarded by Providence. In this case, you can defuse the situation and help remove the negative emotions. Show some elementary human attention and leave comments for other complaints. If it’s not a burden to you, try to find a solution to the problem together with the authors of negative reviews.

Also, on our site you will find useful information which will help you avoid trouble.


The site does not contain the information that you need? is a young informational resource which is filled by its visitors. Leave feedback and complaints about doctors and hospitals, complain about rudeness and crudeness of staff, write complaints and feedback about car-care centers, demand the refund for defective goods, inform about the harm caused by the animals - with your help, the portal will grow faster. Do not hesitate to write your complaints and leave comments - let the justice prevail!

On our behalf, we promise to maintain the portal in the proper condition, to develop the resource and to attract new visitors. The faster your complaint becomes popular, the more chances you have to get rid of unpleasant memories. Write a claim - transfer all your negative emotions onto the board of shame!


I am ready to write a complaint...  What should I start with?

Your initiative is welcome! We invite you to register and leave a message through the menu "Add a complaint" in the upper left corner of the screen. From the moment you register, you can not just read the content of the information resource but also carry on a personal correspondence, evaluate complaints and reviews, and comment on them.


Administration of the site hopes that you leave all accumulated negative emotions in virtual reality. Complain, leave negative reviews, tell your friends about us. Together we will overcome all the bad things that can happen to a man, together we will become stronger.

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