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Triton Global

I was charged $4.99 + tax on my Koodo bill for a call to a toll free number from Purolator. I got connected to Triton Global instead. They did not mention a $ amount for the service to connect the call to Purolator. This is a scam. I want a refund immediately on my Koodo account under phone number ...

Triton Global
Charges on phone calls

I got my phone bill and was double charged, one provider gave access code when dialing out which was correct but triton Global charge me for the same phone calls . When I phoned them they said they were a correctional facility provider so how could have made those phone calls if they didn't give me ...

Triton Global
Phone bill

There were two unauthorized charges on my phone bill. One for $39.95 for 12 minutes and 1 for $39.95 for 10 minutes. I have no idea who made these calls. I am a senior citizen and cannot afford these unauthorized calls. The calls were made at 1:16 & 1:30 am Nov. 2/10. I called Triton Global in ...