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Bell USA
Over Charging

I just got a phone bill for over 1700.00 I called Bell before I went on a short holiday to the US of A. I was in conversation with a bell rep..I told them I was going away for a few days and wanted to use my phone...(cell)..I had seen the USA bundle..that indicated roaming charges and phone calls ...

Bell Mobility

I gave Bell Mobility 3 months written notice, via email for cancellation of two cell phones, who's contracts were up on March 11th. They have continued to bill me for both numbers until April 12th. They say they don't accept cancellations in writing, although they confirmed cancellation of my first ...

Customer service

I went to Rogers to upgrade my broken phone, and asked if there are any changes to be made to my contract, they said no, explicitly. After I contacted the CSR manager she literally said "I don't want to do anything" as I explained my situation.This is how I got myself 3 more years of exceptionally ...