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Bidrack .com

Well I can see I, m not the only one scamed . I was on facebook and saw the add. Looked like good deals, so I took a closer look. I had to sign in, give a credit card number to see any deals . I did not bid . I just got my creditcard bill with a 99.00 charge . These guys should be in jail . ...

US Online America Group
Waste of time

What they do, is absolutely unacceptable, I have wasted 20 min of my time, however I am happy I did not waste any of my money. She hung up the phone when I mentioned I wanted to read some about the company on line. No wonder why!!! That was it, I knew it was a SCAM. ...

Text challenge trivia

As with others, I unwittingly subscribed to this "service" without understanding I was being repeated charged per unsolicited text message. Contrary to their claims, I am almost positive this information was NOT immediately apparent in either their website or the texts I received. No doubt it was ...