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Huge Prize Money Cheque

My disabled sister received the spam garbage in her mail 2 days ago . Telling her she had won 500, 000u.k pounds & to claim this she had to send 19 pounds along with her personal bank details.This has my blood boiling . I do reside in eastern Canada & I have heard similar stories from people ...

Green pacific securities Inc
Fraud- Sweepstake

This phone number is a phone number to call and claim a prize for 125000.00. I was stold that I had one a sweepstake. At first iI believed it, then I went alittle further and started to investegate further. What I found out is that this a total scam. The letter stated to keep everything a secret ...

Olympic plush bears

11/22/2009 I went to purchase my olympic plush bear after collecting my icoke points, building them up so I had enough and drinking a lot of coke to do so and I was extremely let down when I entered my last point and it said that they were no longer available. This contest was obviously fixed! I ...