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Karen Galjot Kelsey

I have a complaint about the complaint made against Karen Galjot-Kelsey. This person making the complaint failed to reveal that Karen has never made a secret of her past, instead she has used it to be an advocate for children & youths rights! As a teen, Karen & her sister left their home after ...

Jenn ( manager)
Innapropiate conduct

I went into the new Mina's location of bizou and was appalled by the service provided. I will never go to this location again. I waited over 30 mins for a rep to help me . There was no one even out front in the store. I had to holler from the cash to get service and when the employee (jenn) came to ...

Gulab Saini - The truth
Gulab Saini

Gulab Saini is a pure liar, who tries to play politics and keeps making one person against another. His lies were opened by one person, who showed him to the community! Gulab Saini has send very dirty photos of himself to young children and women! Those photos are published on the net... just ...