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Dr Boulos Moussa
Dental xrays

To whom it may concern I had gone to Dr Moussa to have xrays done on my teeth, I was having great difficulty and needed them to be repaired. I had a panoramic and I am not sure what the other was called. I did not know that I would be going to Nova Scotia at that time and thought I would have him ...

Seeking Canadian feedback

I am considering becoming a FHTM rep and am doing my due dilligence on the company and have read the comments on the site. Is there anyone who is working this business in Toronto or Ontario in General that can provide some objective comments on their experince as a rep. I would love to have some ...

Former rep's story

I worked for a rainsoft dealer until this past week when the business could no longer sustain itself. I was never paid for my month of service. Usually when I arrived at peoples' homes they had little idea why I was there. Most of the time, by the time I was informed of the appointment it was ...