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Tara online psychic

As with the other letters i read concerning tara's foreboding i was tempted to go ahead with the protection spell and contemplating submitting money that i really don't have. I was mostly partially convinced with tara's reading because my son's father is indeed involved in the occult and he has ...

Bell Canada

On June 4, 2010 I'd had enough with Bell and changed providers. Called to advise and was told boxes would be received within 10 business days to send back their equipment. Because I felt uneasy about that phone call (as the person could barely speak English! ) I followed up with a personal letter ...

Telus Mobility
Customer service

Yesterday, I had the very unpleasant experience of being yelled at, told repeatedly 'you are a grown up', interrupted, asked if I always see the glass half empty, asked if when it rains if I ask the radio station for a refund on the forecast, told I should be very grateful that Telus had already ...