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Icor Canada
Harrassing Calls

This company has been calling me for over a yr. now. I answered their call in July of 2009 as they were asking for my husband. They will give me no information and my husband passed away July 22, 2009 and I told them then and several times after and to this day I am still getting calls from them. I ...

WEb Site

My complain is about the web site of WRHA .. why they dont try to call the people who submit thier application in the web site .. what is that for .. i submitted almost 100 application but they dont call me .. why i got my student loan in govt .. but this goverment to they dont like to hire us ... ...

Best Buy

I love my valery home. i purchased it three years ago and have had no problems to speak of. this is my wife and I s third valery home and they have done a great job on all of them. we have made a ton of money on the previous two homes and look forward to purchasing a forth Valery home very soon!!! ...