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K97 Radio Station

This is the message I sent to, Advertising department. Good morning Jason, I am not sure if you are who I need to speak with but perhaps you could forward this to whomever needs to see it. I was driving West on 137 Ave near St. Albert Trail when I saw a billboard that I found ...

Late issues

Dear Richard Stengel, I am a teacher and need to have TIME magazine delivered on time. For example, I just received today the issue with the January 24, 2011 date on it. It is happening every so often that I'm thinking of canceling my subscription and buy the one that it is on the stands on our ...

Evanov Group

Worked at the Jewel Radio station owned by Evanov Group, as a Sales person for 8 months The first question I had for them was Sales Rep turnover they said something like 9 sales people in 3 years of operation, the truth was 42 sales people and 9 sales managers. The reason for the high turnover is ...