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Over billing

I paid for one answer and the company automatically adds me to their unlimited subscription plan without my authorization, and within two days I am charged twice Iin the amount of $39.99 for services not rendered. This stuff has got to stop. Where is the government when it comes to regulating and ...

Express Pardons
Scam artists

Stay away from this company as they are 100% a scam. They are very accessible while they are wooing you for your money, however once they have your cash that's where it all ends. is a just a call center filled with rude and obnoxious teenagers. When you ask to speak to management ...

Walmart Canada

I was an employee for Walmart for 17mths I was Terminated from Store #1111 because i made an important phone call home to my Husband, i was asked by an Assistant Manager Krystal if i was on the clock i said yes, she then stated this was time theft and that there will be a coaching on this matter. I ...