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Tim hortons
Bad service

Went to tim hortons as usual today and placed an order for coffee and a hash came up to be 4.17$ wow!!! went to counter, i passed her 10 $ bill and she gave me 2 coffees, i asked for receipt right away, cuz i thought something was wrong and i told her i just ordered one coffee, to my ...

Garlic chicken

Normaly love garlic bread garlic chicken pizza, its the best, unfortunately a few days ago i bought one and i ended up biting into a bone in one of the pieces of chicken. dont know if i will ever buy delissio again, very good pizza but that was quite the turn off. ...

Stale Cookies

I bought a box of digestive cookies with they had a .99 cents a box!!! they have tons of them and the product was well displayed; anyway, when me and my baby daughter eat one, we could not eat any. The cookies had a strong stale flavour!!! I took them back and the cashier told me that to talk to ...