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Snow blower
Warranty scam

I bought a snow blower from Sears Canada (Calgary) over a year ago. It is still in warranty (2 years) Part of the snow chute (plastic) cracked and broke in half. I went to the service center to try to get the part. The person behind the desk told me they cannot sign out parts, they need the whole ...

Bruce hardwood
Defective finish

We bought Bruce hardwood flooring from Home Depot and installed it . When standing from a distance the defects became visible. At first I thought is was just ground in dust and we could buff it out but it wasn't. We contacted Home Depot who contacted Armstrong Flooring. They sent out their own ...

Snap 2O
Error in Shipping

I ordered 2 Lifetime warranty kits of Snap 2O and I received 4. I called and reported this error. The person i talked to told me they were going to send me a letter with envelopes with return address and stamped, I made sure to explain that i didn't want to pay to return item because they made the ...